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Enjoy the open sea on the first day

Thanks to the Nauticsafe smart sensors system, you constantly monitor your boat’s condition. Notifications are pushed on your phone for you to stay informed of everything happening on your boat and therefor to be able to react immediately accordingly. You are informed of any maintenance operated on your boat. Thanks to Nauticoncept you can be in direct contact with your boater and control maintenance operations. NO DOUBT YOUR BOAT WILL BE READY FOR SUMMER.

Make sure your boat is ready to start : download Nauticoncept

Keep in direct touch with boaters and your boat. You can notify of your arrival in one click,
you have a detailed follow-up of your boat’s condition directly on your phone.
With the app Nauticsafe, optimize your work processes. Stay close to your team, even
remotely, track their work in real time, be more productive
Create your own digital check-ins, including photos taken on your renters’ tablet or phone.
Check-in is contact-less on the deck. You can also monitor the boat while in use.


Nauticoncept is the boat fleet operational management solution. The start-up was created in 2016 by 4 co-founders who are driven by a passion for boat activities and new technologies. Having been attentive to the market for the last 4 years, Nauticoncept teams have developed software and electronic solutions to adapt to this market shift.
To do so, Nauticoncept can count on more than 135 partners, entertainers and customers, for whom they implemented progressive solutions seeking permanent excellency.
Apps can be tailored to customers’ organization in order to make their processes more optimal, manage their fleet, digitalize their business and offer a quality service to customers, boat owners and users. Boaters or charters, Nauticoncept have the solution for you to try!