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Whether you are a dealer, an owner or a charter company, the Nauticoncept application will simplify your organization.

Discover the first app for boat dealers! Designed to take the boating industry to a new level, Nauticoncept digitizes tasks and offers many features that not only help improve your dealership’s efficiency but also increase customer satisfaction.

Nauticoncept will give you the peace of mind that every boat owner deserves. Gather all information concerning your boat, such as invoices, technical data sheets and user manuals in a smartphone application for easy, at-a-glance access.

No need to try to organize your photos; they will be automatically classified by boat and /or intervention from any smartphone or desktop.

No need to sort your photos, they will be directly filed by co-worker. Don’t waste time with customer photo files.

Looking for a solution to organize boat pictures, including engine, hull, onboard electricity and Store them instantly in the cloud to share them with your team, and benefit from automatic sorting and dating. Add tags to your photos to find them rapidly. Don’t lose time anymore.

NAUTICONCEPT is a branded application to increase customer loyalty.
It provides ease of use, efficacity, mobility, and efficient organisation

Our solution, available on mobile devices and computers, provides a set of tools to manage the maintenance work done by your team.
The application keeps a work history available for everyone in your team.
The planning feature lets you organize the work with an intuitive and simple tool to plan tasks and emergencies.

Moreover, you can invite your customers in your application. They will be connected to your company through your application.
They will be available to track the activity you want them to share on their boat. See maintenance progression and the quality of your work remotely.
Nauticoncept is the first nautical connected customer solution !


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