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Boat Monitoring With NauticSafe
NAUTICONCEPT provides a innovative operational solution for rental companies

  • Automated maintenance and charter management solution
  • Monitoring software: essential on-board equipment, renters conduct

The Nauticsafe box not only provides extremely precise, real time geolocation, but also informs you of:
Hours of engine use, battery and engine voltage, speed, engine temperature, water ingress, impact detection, on-board temperature

More about NauticSafe…

Manage your fleet
Manage you fleet
  • During a rental, know the exact position of your boat throughout the day
  • Receive notification of any impact during the trip
  • Define forbidden zones due to high-risk or shallow waters
  • Make checkout easier by anticipating your clients’ return so as to meet them at the dock
  • Define navigation boundaries
  • Keep up with engine usage
  • Be alerted to water intake
  • Learn if your client has stopped by the petrol station
  • Organize your boat’s preparation

Digital Checkin
Digital Checkin
  • Create your own digital check-in, including photos
  • Customize forms to be filled out with your clients on your tablet or mobile
  • Get your client’s signature on the dock
  • Note any anomalies directly on photos
  • Anticipate boat maintenance
  • Increase client satisfaction

Navigation report
Navigation report
  • Provide a complete day-to-day navigation report
  • Analyse On-board tenant behavior
  • Analyse engine hours
  • Analyse speed, depth and shocks
  • Report onboard anomalies and alerts

Fleet management
Fleet Management
Nauticoncept also offers tools that manage technical information for better maintenance monitoring:
  • Detailed technical datasheets
  • On-board equipment
  • Maintenance logbook
  • Photo history of maintenance and inventories




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