Nauticsage Unit

Discover the new generation digitalized boating:

    • Provides engine and deep-cycle battery history
    • Precisely locates your boat and provides advanced geofencing functions
    • Triggers alarms in case of engine theft
    • Allows remote relay activation
    • Tracks engine hours
    • Provides impact and heeling alarms when you’re not onboard
    • Tracks engine block temperature
    • Shares use and tracking information with your maintenance professional

boat monitoring system

Remote, real time monitoring!

  • Nauticsafe Unit

    Through alerts and past records Nauticsafe monitors all essential on-board equipment to prevent damage and anticipate maintenance.

    Gain peace of mind
    Now you will know if your boat is ready to go thanks to remote monitoring of on-board energy and maintenance status, including information and photos shared with nearby technicians.

    Rented or loaned out, NauticSafe keeps an eye on your boat. By minimizing risks and unpleasant surprises it helps secure your investment.

    The Nauticsafe unit is:

    • A waterproof casing designed for the marine environment, ultracompact
    • Discreet
    • Ultra-fast fixing in the mechanical area or close to the battery
    • Compatible for all types of boats
    • Pre-wired for basic accessories
    • Configurable in minutes via the Nauticoncept App
  • Technical specifications

    • Dimensions: 21 cm x 12 cm x 6 cm
    • Weight: 700 gr.
    • Supply voltages: 12V – 24V DC
    • Communication with SIM card
    • Compatible with other networks Quad band GSM / GPRS modem (850/1900/900/1800 MHz)
    • Bluetooth connection to laptop and tablet
    • Power consumption < 20mA in standby
    • GPS accuracy at 2.5m
    • Water presence probe with wire on 2 levels
    • Temperature probe inside the case
    • 1 digital signal input
    • 1 relay pilot output
    • Communication between accessories via Bluetooth or wired network
    • Two-color operation LED
  • NMEA 2K Connectivity

    NauticSafe connects to the existing NMEA 2000 network through it’s Gateway and let you collect remotely all onboard information.


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