Nauticoncept, an effective digital solution for maintenance professionals


Discover the first professional modern software solution for boat maintenance management !

Automated maintenance management for your fleet
Monitoring solution: essential on-board equipment, fleet battery tracking, engine history, remote monitoring

Nauticoncept Nauticsafe Iphone Application IOS
  • Consolidate and share technical information regarding your boat via mobile phone:
    • Boat identity
    • Usual location, marina berth
    • Engine information
    • Size, weight, usable surface areas
    • Equipment and towing information
  • Retrace the boat’s visual history
    • Dated evidence of the condition of the boat and its parts
    • Task progress (before, during and after)
    • Reminder of what’s on board
    • Information captured on technicians’ mobile instantly shared
    • Photos arranged by category (engine, hull, etc)
    • Unlimited storage
  • Digitalized maintenance task management
    • Coordinate tasks by priority and routine maintenance
    • Maintenance dashboard for boatyard managers
    • Maintenance technician time tracking
    • Analyze actual time spent vs. time quoted
    • Provides digital service records
  • Digitalized maintenance procedures
    • Personalize checklists
    • Standardize your fleet’s maintenance
    • Implement the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule
    • Monitor on site progress
    • Wintering, engine maintenance, dry docking…
  • Your maintenance technicians connected

  • Connect your entire team in real time
    • Share all boat information
    • Consult the list of priority tasks
    • Review time spent on each task
    • Transmit problems that arise on site
    • Add images at will in real time
  • Clients connected to your boatyard

  • Allow your clients to follow maintenance progress
    • Share certain photos with your clients
    • Show before/after images to confirm invoices
    • Share status reports on ongoing maintenance
    • Notification at the job’s start and finish
    • Quote approval
    • Internal messaging system that saves all correspondence
    • Link clients to your account allowing them to request service directly

Nauticoncept Nauticsafe iPad Application IOS

Looking for a solution to organize boat pictures, including engine, hull, onboard electricity and Store them instantly in the cloud to share them with your team, and benefit from automatic sorting and dating. Add tags to your photos to find them rapidly. Don’t lose time anymore.

NAUTICONCEPT is a branded application to increase customer loyalty.
It provides ease of use, efficacity, mobility, and efficient organisation

Fleet Management

Our solution, available on mobile devices and computers, provides a set of tools to manage the maintenance work done by your team.
The application keeps a work history available for everyone in your team.
The planning feature lets you organize the work with an intuitive and simple tool to plan tasks and emergencies.

Moreover, you can invite your customers in your application. They will be connected to your company through your application.
They will be available to track the activity you want them to share on their boat. See maintenance progression and the quality of your work remotely.
Nauticoncept is the first nautical connected customer solution !


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