Boaters : how to save your season in the context of COVID-19

Like the whole of French economy, boating activities have been heavily affected by the governmental dispositions related to COVID-19 prevention and quarantine. Restrictive measures for port access, prohibition to go at sea, uncertainties related to paid leaves and opening of the maritime domain access are all factors which unsettled our ecosystem. And yet, French tourism should profit from restrictions on international traveling and save the season. In this delicate situation, boating entrepreneurs too should be able to implement good solutions and bounce back to save their season 2020.

Holidays in France: the call of the sea will be stronger than ever.

In the context of post-COVID-19 dispositions, it’s possible since last week to access ports, decks and other port infrastructures for boat dealers and charters. This announcement enables every boater to gain back access to their daily working tools. But it also leaves room for a potential “going back to work” before life really goes back to normal.

Other relatively good news for our coasts: based on the survey “French people’s consuming perspectives after isolation in the sphere of hotels and restaurants”, conducted between April 4th and 6th, French people intend to “take advantage” of the restrictions on international traveling to discover green tourism and the beauty of French countryside. 97% of the surveyed claimed that they intended to stay in France this summer. Sea will more than ever remain the number 1 destination for more than 70% of them. Again, in this unprecedented context, our coasts and beaches might be very popular and overcrowded. Every boating lover, owner or renter, will feel the open sea temptation and pressure will be heavy on every professional, as they will have to adapt to extremely inconvenient safety rules.

Adapting to strict sanitary context and safety rules.

Even if legislation and local authorities allow boaters to go back to work, our industry will be extremely regulated and restricted because of sanitary and social distancing measures implemented by the government. Therefore, our professionals, just like in other fields, will have to enforce these measures, not only to their employees, but also to every external provider intervening in the workplace. 

However, today, the strict enforcement of social distancing and sanitary measures is the only solution for employers to prevent :

  • risks of professional sickness
  • risks of misconduct lawsuits by the employee.

We very well know that, in our industry, the application of social distancing will be particularly complicated: working outdoors, strong physical interactions, proximity in a confined workplace. The application of these procedures isn’t necessarily part of our employees’ culture, but employers have the responsibility to give them the means and incitement to work in optimal conditions.

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Why will Nauticoncept make it easier for you?

As of May 12th, boaters and boat charters will have to face 5 problems, for which Nauticoncept teams have already developed automated processes, which are adapted to current economy and tested with 135 clients :

  • Getting your teams back to work.
  • Optimizing workshop hours: more than ever, hunting “off hours”.
  • Respecting safety rules.
  • Getting boats ready on time.
  • Reassuring your customers.

Boat dealers or charters, the app will help you comply with rules and procedures in order to apply distancing measures. Decking, check-in or check-out can already take place without physical interaction through Nautifleet (read more), but you can also already organize the fleet that you store for winter, which for sure will have to be ready before the end of quarantine for your (not so) demanding customers. In addition, Nautifleet will help get your teams back to work with strict procedures and improve their productivity. Those are three challenges that you will have to take on and Nautifleet (read more) will help your virtuous business go back on track.

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