COVID-19 : Boaters, download Nauticoncept for free and start your season

In the context of post-COVID-19 dispositions and in the aftermath of the quarantine measures lift, it is now possible for boaters to access ports and port infrastructures. The reopening of maritime areas seems to be confirmed. This season will finally be able to start. Conditional access to beaches is now possible. Mayors are widely requesting the reopening of beaches.

Don’t miss out on this short season

It’s finally possible for every boater to inaugurate their season. But it will be short, with shorter prep times.

And we can assume that, after two months sitting in isolation, the call of the sea will be stronger than ever, whether it is for boat owners, who can’t wait to sail, or for more seasonal customers, who will probably try and avoid full post-isolation beaches.

Nautifleet freemium to ensure compliance with every post-isolation sanitary protocol.

In this respect, Nauticoncept offers a freemium version of its Nautifleet app for every boater. Its modern tools enable them to organize their teams’ work, to centralize every information and to make every boat-related task profitable.

Download the freemium version of Nautifleet

Nauticoncept is a French developer of boat fleet operational management solutions. We would like to send our full support to the whole of the boating sector. Every boater can download a free version of our app. Without any purchase obligation, a strategic part of our digital tools is available for them.

Indeed, boaters will have to adapt their working methods to comply with distancing and decontamination procedures between customers and on worksites. Their fleet will have to be prepared in record time. Nautifleet premium enables boaters and boat charters to digitalize “contactless” sanitary protocols and to comply with sanitary restriction related to their industry :

  • Boat preparation and disinfection
  • Check-in
  • Checklist to clean working areas
  • Cleaning procedure after detection of contaminated person
  • Boat shipping procedure

Our developers gathered to create this freemium version in a few weeks. You can download Nautifleet freemium version for free up until the end of summer by clicking on the link below and filling in the form.z

For more info, contact Romuald Poirot :

covid@nauticoncept.com – – www.nauticoncept.com

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About Nauticoncept

Nauticoncept is the boat fleet operational management solution. The start-up was created in 2016 by 4 co-founders who are driven by a passion for boat activities and new technologies. Having been attentive to the market for the last 4 years, Nauticoncept teams have developed software and electronic solutions to adapt to this market shift. To do so, Nauticoncept can count on more than 135 partners, entertainers and customers, for whom they implemented progressive solutions seeking permanent excellency. Apps can be tailored to customers’ organization in order to make their processes more optimal, manage their fleet, digitalize their business and offer a quality service to customers, boat owners and users.

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