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Boat club or libertypass ? What new solutions to make your boat fleet profitable ?

In order to make their fleet profitable and their offer diverse, boaters can now contract the services of a Boat club platform. Creating a boat club can indeed happen to be accretive for boaters : fleet management optimization, creation of additional source of income independent of season nature. But the terms of use of such platforms are often considered too binding by boaters and users. Entry fees are very often a deal breaker and the frame of use is considered too restrictive not only by the users, but also by the boaters. Therefore, in this current shifting context from ownership to usership, Nauticoncept developed THE digital solution. It enables each boater to create their own branded “Boat Club”, without any pre-established features and with their own terms of use and regulations. Long story short, Nauticoncept tailors its solution to your constraints instead of imposing you theirs and enables you to generate more income.

From ownership to usership, what’s at stake for boaters ?

Every business sector observes a shift from ownership to usership. The modern consumer is trying to limit inconvenience related to ownership, but also to maximize their experience (traveling, etc.). In other terms, today, customers want to pay only to use goods and break free from ownership-related constraints. Simply put, customers don’t want to pay fees related to maintenance, ownership or insurance.

For instance, in the car industry, insurers observe an increasing demand for “pay as you drive” and “pay when you drive” plans. In Paris, less than 50% of the population owns a car.

Drivers would rather occasionally rent a car depending on their needs. Then they can enjoy various types of driving and pick the right car for the right use: “I don’t need the same car to go to a business meeting 25km away from my workplace and to go on a long family week-end with my children.” The boating industry is no exception to this trend. Boat sales are stagnating or slowly growing, but demand for strong and original experience remains high. Therefore, it is crucial for boaters to adapt to this new trend.

Why isn’t the boat club model working in France?

You have a boat fleet? You want to optimize management? That’s easy. Don’t wait for renters to come at peak season, when the offer/demand ratio automatically gets complicated to handle. You can rent your boats all year long. That’s what the Boat Club promises. The offer sounds appealing, they’re everywhere in the US, but are struggling to import in France. Why? Because the boat club model isn’t adapted to European, and especially French, mentalities and expectations.

● Members don’t want to pay all year for something that they will use only 5 months a year.

Yes, you make part of your fleet available to users, but the thing is that Club members need to pay every month for their yearly subscription. This means that Club members need to pay a yearly fee when, most of the time, they actually want to use it between May and October. 

● Rental prices and durations are fixed in advance.

Besides, terms and prices are set by the platform, and most often for periods of half a day. These terms don’t suit most users or any “clever boater”, who would want, for instance, to rent their boat for fishing in the morning, lunch at noon and aperitive in the evening.

● You need to pay significant entry fees to create your Boat Club.

To gain access to a Boat Club platform, boaters have to pay high entry fees, going up to €30 00 without any success insurance. Considering the average prices on this market to be €400 for a year membership, the first 10 customers will be dedicated to recoup this fee.

Provide freedom to your VIP customers, Try Nauticoncept’s Liberty Pass :

You want to increase the rotation rate of your fleet, limit its inactivity and enter a usership economy as a way to reach a more diverse audience. You are targeting younger customers, more mobile and who don’t want to manage the (very few) inconvenient related to boat ownership, but who want to fully enjoy the freedom boating can bring. Liberty Pass by Nauticoncept has a customized interface for you to create your own boat club without the inconvenience of a boat club and for a reasonable price.

● Liberty Pass by Nauticoncept: tailored plans.

Set your own pricing terms and terms of use for your fleet, no constraints. Therefore, our “clever boaters” will finally be able to set themselves several time slots in the same day.

● Provide tailored check-out time to your customers

You have some trustworthy customers who behave as co-owners of the boat in a way that they take particular care of it. The interface includes a fully automated check-in process. Your trustworthy user can profit from a privileged check-out time slot and check out on their own, following the procedures you designed on their phone. You receive a notification when the boat is brought back, and your partner-member can leave the keys in the letter box. 

● Contactless decking = time optimization for your team and more safety.

Nautifleet also enables the creation of a contactless decking through fully automated and tailored digital procedures. In this COVID-19 context, this means that the safety of your employees is guaranteed, and you have one thing less to worry about.

● Use the Nautifleet app for seasonal rentals

If you want to adapt this rental model to the high season, our app can also help. We will also provide already made terms of use models. The interface is tailored and branded for your business. Finally, one of our consultants can help you set the app, the regulatory aspects, etc. And don’t hesitate to contact us for a free demo.

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