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Passion boat, Mandelieu: Liberty Pass brought us 15 new customers in 15 days

Since May 2020, Nauticoncept has launched Liberty Pass, an app for every boater who wants to grow their income while optimizing their fleet. With Liberty Pass, you can create your own tailored Boat Club without any purchase obligation, fee or imposed rules.

Christophe Rolles, President of Passion Boat in Mandelieu, used Liberty Pass to create his Boat Club. As a result, 15 new customers took a yearly subscription, starting from €149 and up to €490. Christophe Rolles is now targeting a new goal with Liberty Pass : 30 new customers for this season 2020.

Liberty Pass: how does it work?

“It’s very easy, Liberty Pass is THE boat club without constraints”, asserted Christophe Rolles. “You own and handle a fleet and want to make it profitable? Offer a subscription to Liberty Pass to your customers and allow them to take a boat whenever they want, thus avoiding boat ownership-related disadvantages. All they have to do is pay a monthly fee.” Then, members download the app on their phone. They can pick a timeslot in the shared calendar. After that, the boat is waiting for them at the dock. Every check-in/check-out process is automated and online. “And here you go on a dreamy afternoon or day at sea.”

Today, in this peculiar context, many potential buyers will postpone their purchase project to next year. Others don’t want to have to bear costs related to maintenance, ownership or insurance.  “In both cases, Liberty Pass by Nauticoncept helps solve these problems”, analyzed Christophe Rolles.

At Passion Boat, customers are committed for a year, they choose among several plans (after paying a €4000 deposit that we don’t cash). “Customers don’t pay for anything more than the subscription, no taxes, no insurances,” elaborated Christophe Rolles. As for the boat owners, part of their port and maintenance fees are paid through the users, who are actually regular members taking care of the boats.

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Improve boaters’ daily tasks

Romuald Poirot, co-founder of Nauticoncept, explains how this solution came to life: “We launched Liberty Pass because we noticed the need among boaters to make the whole of their businesses more profitable and efficient, considering, of course, the key season nature of the field.”

Rental isn’t the main business of boaters, which remains selling and maintaining boats. But it enables them to generate additional income in the peculiar context of 2020.

“Today, we have an ecosystem of 150 boaters, customers and partners. We plan to embed about 300 more boaters throughout Europe by the end of year, and we have to admit that it’s looking good. So, we have to do all we can to meet their expectations.”

Nauticoncept learned from their partners and realized that a majority of boaters want to shift to charting, “but it’s a different job,” explained Romuald Poirot. “Anyway, it’s not easy when the season is high and boaters have to focus on making profit with their customers’ boats,” he expanded. 

Some boaters might want to try the Boat Club system to generate additional income. It is a hit in the US but, in general, it is universally acknowledged that this system isn’t well adapted to the French market. “We only found it logical to listen to the market and to focus all our technological potential to serve boaters.” It was crucial not to “pre-design” anything, but to provide boaters with the means and freedom to create their own rules. “That’s exactly what our technology enables, and it also corresponds to our philosophy: offering professionals the means to be free and to boost their business,” expressed Nauticoncept’s CEO. “It had to be very user-friendly, so that every boater who knows how to use a phone could be able to create a boat club without constraints, and it works.”

Liberty Pass: subscriptions starting from €149 per month, an unbeatable offer for customers.

“I was indeed able to create my own plan, tailored for my fleet and my location,” related Christophe Rolles. Passion Boat owns and handles an 80-boat fleet and Liberty Pass enabled Christophe Rolles to create 3 ranges :

  • 5m50 to 6m50 range
  • 6m50 to 8m range
  • 8m+ range

Customers can also choose between two options. The single boat option includes only one boat of the range. The multiboat option lets customers pick any boat of the range, depending on their desire of the day : wakeboard or day out with friends.

“Liberty Pass also offers the possibility to provide each customer with a tailored offer. A customer wants to use a boat for two months, or even 15 days in peak season? No stress, we adjust the yearly subscription fee and they can freely use my fleet all summer, if they want to. Customers are free, and I am too. Their only obligation is to bring back the boat in good condition with a full tank, but no time constraints. It’s a huge bonus in terms of customer relationship and experience.

Your boat fleet is used safely with Liberty Pass.

This freedom has to lay on an absolute protection of the Fleet. “However, there are two key points concerning safety,” underlined Romuald Poirot:

  • First, Liberty Pass members are regular users, they take more care of the boats. “Sailing reports can prove it,” pointed out Christophe Rolles. They check in on their own, and they also know that other members care about the boat’s good condition all season.
  • Finally, every boat is connected. Boaters follow their fleet in real-time on the Nautifleet app. Therefore, they control how the boat is used and send a sailing report to customers at the end of the day.

Christopher Rolles concluded: Liberty Pass is the ideal solution to generate recurring income, while building relationships with new customers trying to avoid ownership and related constraints. Customers easily pick their boat, through a tailored plan, and I’m free to optimize my fleet. No entry fees, no obligation to purchase boats… And a business model tailored to my constraints and to my customers’ wishes.

Time has come to subscribe to Liberty Pass, implementation is extremely fast. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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