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Thomas, boat charter in Grimaud : “Why I’m going to digitalize everything!”

Thomas Origet rents boats for the day in Grimaud, Gulf of Saint Tropez. Just like for everyone in this industry, the season didn’t start until the end of May and came with its load of new obstacles to overcome and, of course, a much shorter prep time.

Boaters and charters, don’t miss out on 2020

« At Top Charter, just like every boater, we have to face new sanitary regulations to which we weren’t used. And just like many professionals, we have to comply with them. To me, it’s our big challenge in 2020. This year is paced by a higher demand to escape from the coasts and a higher attraction to the open sea. Sometimes by a new type of customer, who don’t necessarily have experience with the restrictions at sea (safety, organization).

This year’s season might be pressured and very complicated to organize. The main priority is now to make all our processes safer. Because we have to, indeed, but also, because we want to be respectful towards our coworkers and employees. On the other hand, we also need to acknowledge that our customers don’t rent a boat so that they can follow restrictive and far from glamorous procedures. On the contrary, they want to have fun, enjoy as much as they can and satisfy their desire for freedom.

Automatize and dematerialize all the check-in processes

We decided to instigate a micro revolution and to digitalize every process involving checking the boat in and out in order to adapt and to comply with these new sanitary terms. In this respect, we decided to trust Nautifleet. Their team showed us a demo and offered us a trial period with a lighter but very efficient version of the app. It enables digitalizing check-in/check-out processes, which are thus totally dematerialized and take place on the customer’s device.

Teams are less busy ; customer experience is improved.

How does it work ? “It’s easy and even rather fun”, the boat charter asserts. “Customers receive a text with a link to download the Nautifleet app. They check-in themselves, and it’s then confirmed by the dockmaster who will have prepared the boat beforehand.” The check-out happens based on the exact same process. “We tried it out last week, it works pretty well. Customers handle the first steps themselves. They take responsibility and they follow the process like a game. The check-out processes allow less drama, less conflict. Therefore, the day is made easier for the dockmaster and customer experience is much improved.

Nautifleet helps make remote sailing safer.

Sailing report and engine hours control.

Besides that, Nautifleet enables boat charters to constantly monitor their fleet (at sea), to outline forbidden sailing areas and to remotely check the engine and speed. They can relax. When checking out, customers receive a certified sailing report.

Dematerialize to reduce contact.

Another good point: every contact burden is limited and digitalized (even disinfection time) in a dematerialized and certified electronic register. It was, indeed, a big change for my employees, but we ended up adapting rather easily, and our customers are eased to see that our quality of service remains the best, and that they can still enjoy sailing.”

Nautifleet can be used with Day Boat, Yacht, Sailboats and river fleets. You still have time to install the application Nautifleet for your fleet. The implementation doesn’t take more than 10 days, don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking on the link below.

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