Liberty Pass opens a new exclusive boat club in Malta

Pursuing its commercial expansion policy, Nauticoncept opens a new partnership with MemberBoats Club in Malta, a subsidiary of the Swiss-based company Mandaris , “This is an extremely important step for us” tells Romuald Poirot CEO of Nauticoncept, “Our Liberty Pass offer is now being deployed beyond the French borders and throughout Europe. We have had a lot of contacts in the process of advancing towards this goal, this is the first one to succeed, we are 100 % sure it will be the first of a long series”.

Liberty Pass : the only “one stop shop” digital application of the boating market

On the MemberBoats Club side, this new partnership is positively welcomed : “We have been looking for a long time for a ” one stop shop ” partner who could provide us within a single application“:

  • A fleet geolocation solution, 
  • A solution for fleet monitoring and management, 
  • A logistic application allowing an all inclusive management of the boat club (reservation platform, dematerialized check in-check out, etc).

The Liberty Pass by Nauticoncept was the unique solution that could integrate all these applications in a native mode and without having to plug in API’s or to “patch” with other existing solutions of the market. Our new partner provides its members with top-of-the-range XO boat and Axopar units on a limited number of units, but with relatively high membership fees, up to 9,600 euros per years, which is more expensive than the average rates charged in France. Our claim of excellence must match the reputation of these boats

A unique Range of excellence boats available for 9,600 euros per year, Thanks to LibertyPass

It is also proof that you don’t need several dozen units to develop your own Boat Club, and moreover, that there is not just one Boat Club model. Only providers who can offer flexibility and fit to their customers needs will be able to deploy on the wider European market.

The management of MemberBoats Club, for its part, confirms its appetence for this type of solution. “Our desire is to be able to offer an attractive and financially accessible solution to a business community. The aim is to make available a fleet of top-of-the-range boats, all year round, without time restrictions. Our customers can leave a business meeting at 5:30 pm and wish to go water skiing at 6 pm, then have dinner in a restaurant at 9 pm. It is now possible for them, without ever having to put one hand in the engine or having to deal with the stress of boat owning.

Taking advantage from the 100 % digitalized on-boat procedure

Romuald Poirot further adds, “We are convinced that what appealed to MemberBoats Club, was the freedom to be able to run their Boat Club without constraints, without entrance fees”. On their side MBC’s management point out “that the all-inclusive aspect was decisive. We wanted a technologically reliable and well-proven solution. The Liberty Pass approach was the most suitable of the market”.

10 news boats club in Europe within 2 months.

In the initial scope, it was also fundamental to be able to guarantee the easing of deck work using digital procedures. The dematerialised check-in check-out procedures have already been installed and tested at a large number of Boat Charter companies in France, “which was a real advantage”. Further on, Nauticoncept has received feedback from 5 LibertyPass deployed in France, “the feedback is very positive. People are amazed by the relevance of the model which, combined with the flexibility of our digital offer, allows for a full adaptation to new consumer trends

Nauticoncept plans to open around ten Boat Clubs by the end of September and to carry on its deployment by launching in key territories such as Menorca in the Balearic Islands.

About Nauticoncept.

Nauticoncept is the operational management solution for boat fleets. Established in 2016 by 4 partners, fond of boating activities and new technologies. Listening to the industry needs for the past 4 years, they have developed a range of unique software and electronic solutions to adapt to the market transformation and digital transformation. Nauticoncept relies on a network of 135 partners, facilitators and customers, with whom it deploys its solutions in a process of progress and permanent quest of excellence.

Our applications adapt to our customers’ organizations to streamline their processes, control their fleet of boats, digitalize their activity, in order to offer a unique quality service to their customers : Boat dealers or charters. Nauticoncept delivers the one and only “boating digital” solution you yet have to try out!

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